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Workshop on Strategies & Technologies for River Restoration, hosted by Shantou university and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Grand Water Research Center, was held from Dec. 15th to 16th. The workshop placed great emphasis on pollution control and administration in the areas along the river and had a heated discussion on two main issues. One is the pollution regulation and supervision technology for industrial and agricultural wastewater, and the other is pollution control and restoration technology for the polluted areas.
9 April 2015---Our university has bred successfully a national aquaculture variety, Namoa Golden Scallop, for the first time. bred and promoted in the South China Sea and the East China Sea, Namoa Golden Scallop,a variety of Chlamys nobilis Reeve, has been listed in the 25 aquatic varieties passed in the 5th session of the National Aquatic Protospecies and The 2nd Improved Variety Approval Committee conference.(its Varieties of registration number :GS-01-009-2014)This news is released in the No. 2242 announcement from Ministry of Agriculture in March 30th.
18 August 2015---With a theme of “Advanced Biology and Chemistry”,The 10-day long international summer school project has came to a successful conclusion in Shantou University on August 12th.
We have developed a Web-based homework program designed especially for organic chemistry. Students submit responses that consist of structures that they drew with the help of a structure-drawing program embedded in the Web page. If a response is incorrect, the program analyzes the response to give the most appropriate feedback without revealing the correct answer. The program can analyze multistep mechanisms and syntheses of any length.
The fungal secondary metabolites, the loline alkaloids, feature a 1-aminopyrrolizidine ring with an unusual strained ether bridge connecting C(2) and C(7). I will discuss what we have learned about the biosynthetic pathway leading to these compounds and the enzymes that catalyze the biosynthetic steps.
Pulsed radiofrequency GD-ToF-MS a powerful “toy” for depth profile analysis with high depth resolution

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